100 GRAND “Refer a Friend”

We’re Here to Help You Grow

We have made the referral program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together. Unlike most programs that have lengthy and complicated contracts, there are no fees or commitments in this program. At DPC it’s simple – you are rewarded for referring new leads and when those leads turn into new business.

Who Is A Good Referral For Us?

  • Must be an organization with at least 10 computer users within a 60-minute drive from Jacksonville, Orlando, Savannah/Atlanta, and Columbia, SC.
  • They must be the CEO/Executive Direction/Administrator

100 GRAND “Refer a Friend” Event (candy bar…of course)

We appreciate having you as a customer and wish we had more like you. So instead of just wishing, we’ve decided to hold a special “refer a friend” event during November for the clients we value the most.

Simply refer someone to our office to receive a FREE Enhanced Security Assessment, and we’ll rush YOU a $25.00 gift card to your favorite restaurant.

Everybody Wins

With your referral nomination, you’ll receive 100 Grand (candy bar…of course) if you have not already, and a delicious lunch. Your referral will get a FREE Enhanced Security Assessment that could save them thousands of dollars in lost productivity and computer repair bills.

To count as a referral, the person must be a CEO or an IT Manager of a company with 10 or more workstations. We also must be able to use your name as a reference when calling.

Best of all, your referral will be under no obligation to buy anything or ever use our services again. This is just our way of introducing our services to them without risk or obligation.

Where can you find people to refer?

  • Other groups you are in. (Chamber’s, Industry Groups, Boards and Committees you are on, etc.)
  • Your clients or other vendors you work with.

How To Refer Someone To Us

  • Personally make the introduction by speaking to the contact either by phone or in person and letting them know we will be reaching out.
  • Make an e-introduction via email by Cc’ing us in the email and we will take it from there.
  • Fill out the form on this page.
  • We want to make it SUPER EASY for you to refer others to us. If you know of a way, we can bring our message and services to a larger group, we’ll create a marketing campaign to assist in getting the word out - be it a webinar, seminar, mailing, or even a special discount for the members of a group you belong to- on our own dime.
  • Your Information

  • Referred Company Information

  • Remark: We will collect your information for marketing purposes. However, we respect your privacy rights. If you wish to access or amend any Personal Data we hold about you, or request that we delete any information about you that we have collected, please send us an email: moliveira@dpctechnology.com
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.