How to Promote Your Dental Website

October 14th, 2010

I recently read a great article that explains some of the ways you can promote your website after it has been posted.  I have blogged about some of these steps before such as the process of choosing a domain name that is easy to remember, applies to your content, etc.  This article also suggests locking down all the variances of that domain name.  For example if you lock down, then you should also register  Another great point the article makes is cultivating your current patient base.  I always encourage my clients to do promotions on the website that drive current patients to the site and give them patients the opportunity to refer their friends and family to the site.  Some examples are gift basket giveaways that patients have to sign up for on the website or a discount coupon for first time patients they can print from the website.  Take a look at the article in full to read more.

Published with permission from Dental PC Source.

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