Do it yourself Free Dental Patient Education that ROCKS!

December 6th, 2010
So you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a patient education system?  Have you noticed how much good content is out on the web?  If you have a few minutes to gather up some of your favorite content you can put it together in a nice little presentation and loop it for your patients.  All it takes is a YouTube account, Google chrome and a little plug-in that you can download.  It is very, very easy to do and it gives you the ultimate flexibility to add any video to the presentation whenever you like!  You can choose whatever you like and even make multiple loops for different rooms; say one on smokeless tobacco for hygiene one for and crown and bridge for the Doctors rooms.  Here is how:
1.      1.  Login to YouTube. If you don’t have an account, get one here…
2.       2. Now let’s find some content on YouTube, i am going to use a clip from “The Doctors” on Cerec restorations and another clip on removing white spots.
3.       3.  Click “+ Add to” and then “New Playlist” near the bottom of the video.
4.       4.   Enter whatever you want for the name in the new dialog box i.e. Hygiene, the Doctors, Crown and Bridge, etc. then click enter.
5.       5.  Go to another video that you want to add to the playlist you created and click “+ Add to” again near the bottom of the video and choose the video you want to add it to.
You now have your playlist and you can get to it by clicking your username in the top right corner and choosing “My Videos”.  Your playlists will show up in the left hand column.  You can do this from any computer, anywhere!  Pretty cool we can just push "play all" at this point and our playlist will play one after the other.  But what if we want to loop the hole playlist over and over again?  A simple little download will let you loop this video in the Google Chrome browser.  Google Chrome is a browser like Internet Explorer but it allows you to add little features via plug-ins.
1.       1.   Download Google Chrome from here if you do not have it:
2.       2.   Now we need to download the loop plug-in, get it here:
3.       3.  Run the installation of the script and answer all the questions in the affirmative.
4.       4 . Restart your chrome browser and browse to your playlist.  There is now a “loop” button you can press along with play and full screen and the video will loop over and over!
This is a great solution for operatories where there is a computer monitor already in front of the patients. It can also be used as a patient education system in the front of the office as well.  Many of my clients have a waiting room TV that has a computer attached to it.  This is a great way to customize content to this TV.  If you do not have a computer to send a feed to the waiting room TV a small net top pc works great and is around $300.  The best part about it is that YOU control the content, if you want to add, remove or change the order of the clips, it just take a few mouse clicks.  You can also get fancy and upload videos of you, your staff and actual patients!!  Of course you need to make sure any content you have is authorized and any patients have signed the proper consent!   Enjoy, get creative, have fun, your patients will love it!
Published with permission from Dental PC Source.

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