August 20th, 2013

96326032The HIPAA HITECH Omnibus rule finalized in January 2013 will be enforced starting September 22nd of this year. This has some pretty serious implications for your data and your relationship with your IT provider with stiff penalties and fines for noncompliance. Below are some, but not all of the compliance issues that MUST be addressed to ensure your practice is complaint:

  1. Encrypted Drives on Laptops and Tablets
  2. Encrypted Email
  3. Encrypted Wireless
  4. Encrypted Backups
  5. Documented Security Policy
  6. Disaster Recovery Plan
  7. Encrypted Server Drives

If you are a Complete Care Client, we are working with your office to get these items complete before the deadline at no additional cost. If you are not a Complete Care Client, let’s address the new regulations and work together to bring your office into compliance.

Call our office and schedule a HIPAA security audit with your HIPAA Privacy Officer. We will go through a checklist of items and develop a game plan to bring all required items into compliance.

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