AuthAir – the Next Generation of Security for HIPAA Compliance

April 30th, 2014

My "Best in Show" pick for this year’s Hinman Dental Meeting was AuthAir. I was really delighted to see that they were a vendor at this year’s annual Dental Integrators Association Meeting as well.

This gave me an opportunity and sit down and do a deep dive into this technology. The Technology is a wireless key Dentists and staff have in their pocket which logs computers on and off when entering and leaving the room automatically. Our biggest problem with Compliance and Password Policies is that it’s very difficult to log in and out of the computer and maintain proper infection control 
in a timely and efficient manner. AuthAir solves this problem with a graceful and seamless process.

Below are the intricacies of how the Technology works. Feel free to contact me and discuss how AuthAir could work in your practice.

AuthAir Authentication Healthcare Tokens – What are they and How Do they Work?

AuthAir recently launched AuthAir Dental providing cutting edge authentication in the form or Tokens that can be worn around the neck, attached to a lanyard or Key Ring that automatically lock workstations while away from the area. It provides a geofence around any given computer that secures the station and when the authorized personnel return within in an allowable distance automatically unlocking the station to safely read or edit patient’s records.

The Tokens add an additional layer of security to assist with compliance and regulation with this hassle free functionality.

When authorized users step out of the operatory, the AuthAir Healthcare secured station locks down and can’t be accessed by patients or visitors. When a Dentist, Hygienist or Assistant is wearing or carrying an authorized AuthAir Healthcare token re-enters the operatory and approaches that same AuthAir Healthcare secured station, access is immediately restored, without requiring anyone to log back in. The AuthAir Healthcare token is also assigned to each staff member individually so audit trails are electronically captured allowing practices if needed to determine who accessed the system.

Some Key Benefits to AuthAir Healthcare Tokens include:

  • Workstation login that meets HIPAA guidelines
  • Automatic lock and unlock - brings you right back to where you left the patient record
  • Integrates with existing Machines
  • Doesn't interfere with existing processes and procedures
  • Works in operators, offices and at the front desk


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