Geek Corner

August 6th, 2014

Geek Corner DesignWelcome to our First Edition of the DentalPC Geek Corner where one of our in-house DPC staffers will review a new technology each month and rank each product on our Geek Meter from 1 to 4 (4 being Amazing!) We will summarize the products Pros & Cons and give a final recommendation for each.

Our First Product Review is for the Samsung Gear Fit from our Technology Specialist Dez Merrow.

Samsung Gear Fit Pro's: Screen Shot 2557-08-06 at 3.33.03 PM

  • The Gear Fit can read and respond to text messages via replies customized on the phone app
  • Alarms can be set that buzz on the watch removing the need to utilize your cellphone
  • Contains a sleep app that monitors your sleeping patterns
  • The backgrounds are customizable
  • User friendly interface
  • Sleek designs with adjustable bands colors
  • The charging capacity is excellent and battery life is 3 days before recharge
  • For fitness it has the standard pedometer and built in heart rate monitor and stop watch/timer
  • Through the phone app you can enter your meals and utilize a fitness coach that delivers messages straight to the watch
  • Found no glitches or locking since purchasing (Dez owns a Gear Fit)

Samsung Gear Fit Con's: Screen Shot 2557-08-06 at 3.36.09 PM

  • The screen is somewhat small but still easy to read
  • Emails can be viewed from the watch but requires substantial scrolling
  • The apps could be more robust but anticipate improvements over time as the technology advances
  • No voice activation or camera features as this watch is geared more to fitness usage
  • Conversely the Samsung Gear 2 has voice and camera capabilities and the devise is more robust
  • The watch is not technically water proof (underwater) but sweat does not seem to affect the functionality of the device

Overall, Dez gives the Samsung Gear Fit a Rating of 3.5 on the Geek Meter. The 1⁄2 point deduction is due to the limited apps currently available for the device.

She highly recommends this product and sports hers daily around the DentalPC office.

Stay Tuned for our Next Review!