Is financing my IT a good business decision? With rates as low as 2.85% – We Say Yes!

September 3rd, 2014

KEYSTechnology investments for your practice can be considerable. Here are the Top 5 Benefits to consider when financing your equipment:

  1. To Help You Acquire, Manage, and Update Your Network Infrastructure
    DentalPC's Life-Cycle Leasing Program will help you and your practice will realize many benefits. Among these are lower upfront costs to acquire new technology, customized payment structures, and the ability to pay for your hardware as you use it. More importantly, you will be able to purchase more technology such as digital x-ray, 3d Conebeam, and even update your practice management software regularly without fear of overtaxing your aging system. Hardware leasing allows you to meet the needs of your practice today rather than waiting for more funds to become available down the road. You can minimize your upfront costs and create an IT budget by spreading costs over the useful life of your hardware.
  2. Use Your Cash Effectively
    Don't tie up your cash in non-earning assets with minimal value 3-4 years down the road. Instead, keep your cash and reinvest in your practice.
  3. Combat Technology Obsolescence
    Technology changes rapidly. Leasing keeps your hardware up-to-date while allowing your team to remain at optimal efficiency.
  4. Life-Cycle Financing
    Using an IT budget rather than a large capital outlay allows you to pay for your hardware as you use it. As your assets come to the end of their useful life, the DentalPC Life-Cycle Leasing Program allows you to upgrade or add-on with ease. Keep your technology fresh and your cash available.
  5. Maximize Technology Performance
    Leasing keeps the addition of technology convenient and simple and allows you to increase practice efficiency today. Use leasing to upgrade equipment now and avoid the large costs of downtime and manpower to maintain a failing network.

Upgrade Your Computer Equipment Today!

We offer in house financing as low as 2.85% for qualifying candidates with a quick and simple application process. If you have questions about whether financing your IT equipment is the right decision for you, give us a call today.