How to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season [GUIDE]

Hurricane Florence devastated areas throughout the Carolina's. Unfortunately, Hurricane Season is not over and there's potential for even more damage.

As a Florida business with over 23 years of experience dealing with hurricanes and other natural disasters, we understand the importance of communicating with clients throughout crisis mode.

How to Prevent Email Spam and Scams

Spam e-mails are not only annoying and time consuming, but they’re also becoming more dangerous to your personal privacy and the security of your computer.

Millions of computer users are getting infected, spoofed, and tricked by spam e-mails every year, forcing the user to pay hefty fees to clean and restore their PCs back to working order.

5 Things You Should do to Protect Your Practice

No one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less plan for them.

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, so we want to give you an outline on some simple things you can (and should) be doing to protect your practice.

Review Your Practice's Insurance Carefully
Most practices carry some type of general liability insurance that would pay them if their building and the things in it were damaged.

DPC Core Value: Know Your Clients

Core Values are at the Heart of What We Do
At DPC Technology, we believe our values represent who we are as a company and how we treat our clients.

These values are the foundation of our success and reflect our commitment to providing world class IT support.

Employee Productivity and Security at Your Law Firm

What Every Law Firm Needs to Know About Employee Productivity and Security at Your Law Office
Employee productivity and security at your law firm are two major concerns that you should not ignore.

If you are a law firm owner or law office manager that is concerned about employees wasting time online using non-work-related websites like Facebook or Twitter - OR WORSE, using company resources to access inappropriate sites - then read on.

Benefits of The Weave Mobile App

Weave is quite simply a phone system built just for dentists and optometrists.

It utilizes your practice data in calling, texting, and email.

Take a more in-depth look at the benefits of Weave Mobile App, features and technical specs here: Weave Phone Systems.

How to Avoid Identity Theft at Your Law Firm: 3 Security Tips

Do you know how to avoid identity theft at your law firm? Even if you have anti-virus, spyware protection, and a firewall, your law office could still be an easy target for identity thieves, hackers and cyber criminals.

If you haven't attended one of our Cyber Security CLE Seminars yet, we encourage you to sign up for our next seminar or request a private CLE seminar at your law firm.

How to: Optimize Inbound Phone Calls at Your Dental Office

Optimizing Inbound Phone Calls at Your Dental Practice
Last year, our vendor partner Weave visited our DPC Technology Center to teach our clients, like you, how to understand the most important numbers within your practice.
What is Weave?
Weave is a technology company helping Dental and Optometry practitioners increase and maintain their patient base by building stronger relationships leading to better outcomes.

How to Prevent a Cyber Attack at Your Law Firm

Cyber Security Solutions to Protect Your Law Firm
Hackers search for low hanging fruit, specifically easy targets that have significant useful information and lack effective security.

Most small business fall into this target zone. However, Law firms are particularly ripe with highly-sensitive financial data, corporate strategies, trade secrets, business transaction information and plenty of both PIIA (Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment) and PHI (Protected Health Information).

Per an ALM Legal Intelligence study, 22% of law firms did not have an organized plan in place to prepare for or respond to a data breach.

Top 5 (+1) Benefits of Weave Dental Software

Benefits of Weave Dental Software for Your Dental Practice
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What if you could make your patient interactions more meaningful?

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If you’re looking for more dynamic patient communications, Weave is an all-in-one platform that works on all major practice management systems.