Go Above and Beyond the Abilities of VoIP with the Weave Phone System

Go Above and Beyond the Abilities of VoIP with the Weave Phone System

What if you could make more meaningful connections with your patients? Make them feel important and appreciated? What if I told you could do this just by switching your telephones? Weave can.

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) has many advantages over a land based telephone company such as AT&T or Verizon: unlimited lines, unlimited long distance, unlimited local calling, plus the ability to record multiple messages.

But Weave has them all beat because nobody else can do what they do. Weave starts with high-tech phones that deliver crystal-clear communication. The Weave app is installed on your desktop computer. Now when a patient calls the practice, everything about the patient and the patient’s family will automatically pop up on your computer screen. Birthdays, next appointment, or if there is an unpaid balance on the account – all without putting the patient on hold.

Weave provides true two-way text messaging just as you send and receive texts with your cell phone. It is wonderfully timesaving and efficient to be able to click to dial, thus controlling your telephone from the desktop. Weave also allows call recording, call tracking, advanced voicemail, and coming soon–a mobile app for your cell phone.

Weave software works seamlessly with your practice management software, pulling relevant data and presenting it in a beautifully simple way. Instant prompts give you everything you need to know about your patients to make them feel important and appreciated. And that leads to better outcomes for your patients and your practice.

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