Strengthen your IT safety with Complete Security.

It ensures viruses, ransomware, and phishing scams never disrupt your business.

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Complete Security is a fully managed service that protects your hardware, software, and network against viruses, bots, trojans, and malicious email threats. Our technicians seal your security gaps by installing routine patches and regularly upgrading your firewall software to the latest versions. We’ll strengthen your cybersecurity further by installing robust anti-malware tools that automatically detect and eliminate intruders.

Our team stays on top of the latest in cybersecurity, allowing us to immediately respond and contain any cyberattack.

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Complete Security Benefits:

  • Rapid response and threat containment
  • Firewalls that prevent malicious web traffic
  • Blocked access to malware-infected websites
  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Spyware protection
  • Comprehensive monitoring and incident response
  • Up-to-date security updates

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There are millions of threats online

Your employees' unsafe browsing habits may lead them into danger

Our content filtering tool stops your staff from accessing malicious websites and protects your company’s IT infrastructure from malware infection. And with our anti-spam filtering tool, your system automatically blocks spam, minimizing your employees' chances of getting tricked by fraudsters.

Fortify your critical technologies with DPC Technology’s Complete Security.