Network Design & Implementation

You need your network now more than ever before

Your network is the central nervous system of your business. Office management, digital imaging, accounting and even client communication software all function according to the health of your network. DPC Technology’s experienced staff of network engineers and project managers focus on creating a network that meets your company’s unique needs and ensures you get optimal performance out of your network.

We focus not only on your current workflow but plan for your future needs as well.

We provide network design and implementation for:

  • New offices
  • Office expansions and consolidations
  • Existing network upgrades
  • Network refreshes
  • Office moves

Network design & implementation includes the following:

  • Engineering review to understand your technology requirements
  • Network mapping
  • Statement of work
  • Digital imaging integration
  • Low-voltage wiring
  • Employee training
  • Onsite project manager
  • Post implementation support to ensure project success

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