Why Choose DPC Technology

Don’t let technology be the thing that holds your business back

For the past 25 years DPC Technology has been providing computer support, outsourced IT and network implementation solutions to businesses throughout Florida and Georgia. Our management team has 100 years of combined experience in the field and has extensive knowledge when it comes to helping companies find the right fit from an IT perspective.

We take a proactive approach to your IT network, identifying strengths and weaknesses and putting a plan in place to maximize your technology budget while ensuring you have all facets of your network optimized and secure. We pride ourselves in creating lasting relationships with our clients and make sure you are satisfied with our services. That’s because we want you to think of us as your long-term business partner. Focusing on your business’s growth, productivity and optimizing your efficiencies is what we do best and we will provide you with technology solutions that will make your business better.

What Makes Us Different:

We want to provide you with more! More of what you need to build your company and increase efficiencies. Here are a few ways DPC Technology is different from the competition:

  • We have a Technology Center - we want you to learn and excel and that’s why we have created a place for you to do just that! Our Technology Center hosts trainings for you and your staff to attend to learn more about compliance, security, software and more. All trainings in our center are free for Complete Care clients.
  • We are open from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM - this makes it easy for you to request support before and after business hours.
  • Solving small problems before they become big - our technicians troubleshoot technology management software day in and day out, efficiently solving problems and getting you back up and running quickly.
  • Everything in one place - we provide hardware and products so you don't have to deal with multiple vendors, returns, and warranty issues.
  • Payment options - we offer in-house financing and leasing options for your equipment purchases with rates as low as 2.85% We also provide hardware rental options so you always have up to date technology without the expense of purchasing equipment outright.

If you are serious about improving your IT and need some help making it happen, contact the friendly team at DPC Technology. We won’t just fix problems as they occur, we’ll ensure technology is at the forefront of your company’s growth.

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