How to: Optimize Inbound Phone Calls at Your Dental Office

How to: Optimize Inbound Phone Calls at Your Dental Office

Optimizing Inbound Phone Calls at Your Dental Practice

Last year, our vendor partner Weave visited our DPC Technology Center to teach our clients, like you, how to understand the most important numbers within your practice. Weave will be visiting our sunshine state on August 16th - 17th to give your dental practice a chance for a software demonstration at your dental practice.

What is Weave?

Weave is a technology company helping Dental and Optometry practitioners increase and maintain their patient base by building stronger relationships leading to better outcomes. Weave integrates communication technology with front desk efficiency.

A lead Software Engineer at Weave, Quinton, and notable speaker presented to our clients and team on the benefits you will experience after implementing Weave in your office.

Quinton shared the number of practices that Weave collects their data from and how they collect their data. Weave collects their data from 3,250 practices, which is comprised of 90% Dental offices and 10% Optometry offices.

The total number of outstanding balances older than 90 days in a dental office is shocking: An estimated $171,109,832,67.

How to Optimize Inbound Phone Calls at Your Dental Office:


  1. Set the Appointment

  2. See if they have family members who need an appointment

  3. Check for outstanding bills

  4. Check for special notes

  5. Check for special occasions – birthdays

More Weave Features


Weave’s SmartPOP Technology gives smart notifications that tell your team what they need to know about your patients and what they need to do for them as soon as the phone rings.


Weave connects your phones to your practice management software, making both smarter.


Get positive reviews from patients and address negative reviews before they get posted for the world to see.


Texting that works just like a smartphone, because of course it should work that way.


Set automated, pre-made or personalized text reminders and recall messages for your patients.


Updated features and to help you navigate through our user-friendly mobile application.


Get stats on how you’re using your phones, the most important communication tool in understanding the most important numbers within your practice.


See your schedule at a glance and gather important patient details.

Improve your inbound phone calls at your dental practice by requesting your personalized quote from Weave today: start your complementary quote.


If you're interested in scheduling a demonstration at your dental practice on August 16th or August 17th, please fill out the form. 

DPC Client Testimonial about Weave:

The ability to call, text, and email patients so easily from one place has helped our office reach our patients more effectively than ever before. In our first month using Weave we increased our confirmed hygiene appointments to nearly 95% and in the second month we achieved 100%. Weave’s software has made all the difference. — Carol, Office Manager