Do You Know Where Your Documents Are?

May 14th, 2015


Ever forget where you put that important file that you worked on for hours?
Or maybe a staff member moved the file to a new location and you have no idea where it went.
We’ve all been there! Finding your documents can sometimes be a difficult task if you don’t have a full time document management person which most small businesses don’t have the luxury of.

Ever wonder how much time is wasted on searching for documents?

Are your employees spending too much time searching for the information they need to be effective at work? How much time are they spending looking for those elusive documents or patient forms to assist with patient care? According to employees spend about 19% of their day searching for & gathering information. That’s nearly 2 hours per day & 9 hours per week tracking down documents and information necessary to do their jobs.

Why do we spend so much time searching for information? And is there a better way?

Great News, Office 365 & Sharepoint to the Rescue!

If you are an Office 365 user you already have a powerful tool that comes with your Subscription: Sharepoint. Sharepoint allows for better document management and specifically with its global search tool you can save yourself a lot of heart ache and time by finding documents in seconds vs. minutes or even hours.

Did you forget the name of the Document? No problem. As long as you know what specific words where used in either the document name or body of the document you can track down the original file in Sharepoint.

With the Sharepoint Search Tool you could be saving hours of wasted time searching for documents.

Below is a sample document query utilizing the Sharepoint search tool.

I need to update my quarterly staff meeting notes and now I can’t find the document. Simply search “staff meeting” and all the documents with the word staff meeting and/or meeting will be displayed in the search results as seen below. Pretty powerful stuff.


The search feature of Sharepoint is just scratching the surface on Document Management in Office 365.
If you would like to know more about implementing Office 365 & Sharepoint contact our office today!