Dentists are Being Targeted in Tax Refund Scams – Protect Your Data Now!

July 29th, 2015


Tax Refund Scams have become an Organized Crime Ring and for the 3rd Consecutive Year, Florida leads the nation in Identity Theft and Income Tax Fraud. According the Sun Sentinal more than 200,000 fraud-related complaints poured in from Floridians last year, the highest per-person rate in the nation, with 1,007 complaints per 100,000 of population.

Steve Croft with 60 Minute reported on these refund scams in 2014 and explained how easy it was for criminals to get a hold of the necessary information to file tax returns in other individual’s names.

Think your Dental Office is safe? Think again. These criminals are targeting your employees and paying them thousands of dollars for your Patients Social Security Numbers and date of births to file fraudulent tax returns.

"It's gone from hundreds of people filing hundreds of fraudulent returns to thousands of people filing millions of fraudulent returns and it’s become much more organized." stated Wilfredo Ferrer the United States Attorney for the Southern Florida in the 60 Minute newscast.

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