Download Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist TODAY!

September 29th, 2015

Many of our offices have been asking for a checklist of items to prepare for a hurricane evacuation. As you may know, last year we completed the CompTIA Security Trustmark accreditation. During this process we had to develop an internal disaster preparedness plan. We have modified our plan for you to include a more streamlined documented process for evacuation. It includes emergency contact information, vendor lists, equipment inventories, insurance information, evacuation protocols, and protocols/responsibilities for various lengths of downtime.

If you are a Complete Care Client we will help you fill out the documents and provide inventories of your equipment as part of your complete care. If you are not a Complete Care client please contact us and we can schedule a time to assist you in completing the checklist.

If you do not currently have our Complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Service now is a good time to revisit your business continuity plan.

If you should have any questions about the Hurricane Preparedness Checklist please feel free to contact us direct at (904) 443-0095.

Download Your Checklist Now

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