We’ve got the path to better communication with Complete Voice

June 9th, 2016
We’ve got the path to better communication with Complete Voice

Did you know that you could save upwards of 40% over traditional phone bills? Implementing our Unified Communications (UC) solution, Complete Voice, can help you achieve these savings.

Unified Communications is the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, data, applications and other technologies that help drastically improve your communication processes and business productivity. Complete Voice enables you to use your LAN access to transmit data and eliminate the hassle of running excessive phone lines throughout the office. The flexibility of VoIP allows you to take your phone wherever you need to go as long as you have broadband or Wi-Fi connection. This means your customers and employees can stay in touch just by calling a single phone number.

What about when you don’t have access to the business phone? Don’t worry! As long as you have a headset with a microphone connected to your computer you will be able to send and receive calls directly to your laptop or desktop.

Running a practice doesn’t always take place in the office. It’s important to be able to operate and connect with the people that are important even when you’re away from the practice. Complete Voice provides you with location independence, assurance that your phone system will continue to work during power outages, and it allows you to easily scale as your practice grows.

Contact DentalPC today at 904-443-0095 or visit the Complete Voice webpage to learn more about how Complete Voice can help optimize your practices communication system.