How to Avoid a Security Breach

April 19th, 2017
How to Avoid a Security Breach

Cyber security criminals will go to great lengths to create fraudulent emails and ads in order to take advantage of their victims. It's important to be able to recognize fake ads, emails and questionable phone calls, so you do not fall for their scams. As always, we encourage you to attend our educational seminars or call us at (904) 443-6046 to schedule a Lunch & Learn at your office.

The following are three real-life scenarios of security breaches that you could potentially encounter:

Breach Scenario 1: The Phish

  • User John finished working on his weekly expense report and decided to surf the internet.
  • He decides to log in to his personal email and sees an email from someone claiming to be an attorney offering to help him get unclaimed lottery winnings.




Breach Scenario 2: The Spear Phish

  • User John finished working on his weekly expense report and decided to surf the internet
  • He decides to log in to his personal email and sees an email from his bank reporting that he needs to verify his email and account information to complete the setup.




Breach Scenario 3: Social Engineering

  • Mike works at the local county animal control facility. The county has installed a computer workstation so that Mike can enter reports into the county animal database.
  • Mike gets a phone call from Joe who says he works for a company that contracts for the county to manage all the computers, and that they have received an error message from Mike's PC.

  • Joe then asks Mike for his email address so that he can send him a LogMeIn invite so that Joe can remote control his PC to repair the issue.
  • Mike dutifully complies. Joe is a hacker and has gained remote control access to a PC on the county network with complete reach to all other county data.


The number of possible scenarios are endless with hackers becoming more creative and manipulative with their craft every day. That's why it's so important to have a partner like DentalPC to help manage and protect your practice. Our Complete Care Program provides a reliable, stress free solution to managing your IT.

With our monthly fixed fee, you will receive unlimited IT support, security and monitoring, as well as strategic support and guidance for your practice.

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