The Importance of Veterans on Your Team

November 10th, 2017
The Importance of Veterans on Your Team

The Importance of Veterans on Your Team

3 Qualities I have Learned from Working with Military Veterans:

I’ve been working on the DPC team for about one year and during this time, I have gotten to know everyone on our team on an individual level. I work in the Marketing department and part of my job is to educate our clients and prospects on the people working behind all of your technology. In my experience, our clients choose to work with us because of our trusted, knowledgeable and experienced team. I find value in sharing employee highlights and spotlight series on our social media pages, so our clients can get to know everyone at DPC. Today I decided to reflect on the importance of veterans on your team.

While I can’t speak on the importance of hiring veterans, I can speak from my experience of working with veterans. I can clearly see the attributes that are instilled into someone who has served in the armed forces and how those are reflected in their careers, even years after they serve.

I would like to mention that I think everyone on our team shows these qualities, but in honor and recognition of Veteran’s Day, I’d like to recognize the veterans at DPC: Xavier Flores and Jacob Delmotte.

Xavier served 6 years in the U.S. Army, rank of Sergeant. He served one combat tour in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom. He had a range of job titles, including CBRN Specialist. (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear).

Jacob served in the U.S. Navy on USS John F. Kennedy CV67 and 2 cruises to Iraq. His job was an AO Aviation Ordinance.

I can think of so many qualities that I can see illuminating through Xavier and Jake, but here are my top 3 qualities that show the importance of veterans on your team:

Team Players

Whenever I talk about our company and our employees on social media, I always refer to us as the DPC Team, and I’ve branded the hashtag #DPCteam. Although there are several working parts that make up our company, from sales and marketing, projects and service, procurement and HR, to upper management, we are all contributing parts that make the #DPCteam work well together.

There have been countless times that I have leaned on Xavier or Jake for guidance on how to handle a variety of situations at our office. As our Network Operations Center Lead, Xavier is someone that has consistently demonstrated reliability, communicates constructively and actively listens. Xavier leads from our office in Orlando, his communication is so open and active, that it feels like he’s in the next office!

Exceptional Work Ethic

I define work ethic as displaying hard work and determination to make sure the job is completed correctly and the client is happy. When Jake or Xavier are working with a client, I know they will be taken care of with patience and kindness. Here is what one of our clients had to say about Jake: “Jake took all of the necessary actions to make sure everything was fixed correctly.”


Respect goes a long way in my book and these guys exemplify respect, as well as patience. One of our client’s recently shared, “Jake is always helpful....always AWESOME!!!” Last month another client sent, “Xavier is very helpful and great at explaining things. I appreciate his patience.”

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 qualities of our veteran employees and the importance of veterans on your team. I would love it if you would share some of the qualities of your veteran employees or experiences you’ve had with Jake, Xavier or anyone on our #DPCteam!

Written by: Paige Johnsen, Marketing Coordinator