How to Protect Your Business from Cyber-Criminals

March 15th, 2018

Imagine walking into your office one morning to discover your computer network was breached by a hacker, exposing not only YOUR business's data, but also all of your client records and private communications. Imagine the embarrassment of having to notify your clients and vendors that, because of you, their private and possibly personal information may now be in the hands of cyber criminals. And hopefully that’s the only damage done…

Operations could be halted or severely limited for days, possibly weeks. Your data corrupt to the point of being useless. Clients lost. Potential lawsuits and government fines for violating data-breach laws. The exorbitant emergency IT fees to get everything restored to working order fast. Then there’s the risk of your bank account being drained dry – and because you’re a business, you are NOT protected by the banks in the same way individual consumers are. Any money stolen out of your accounts could simply be gone forever.

I know you're tempted to think, "That won't happen to us. We're just a small business. Who'd want to hack us?"

Which is exactly what the cyber criminals WANT you to think!

With St. Patrick’s Day this month, we want to take a moment to remind you that just because you’ve been “lucky” enough to avoid an incident like this in the past doesn’t mean you’re not at risk – in fact, that’s a very dangerous way to think.

That’s why during the month of March, we are offering your practice a FREE comprehensive Cyber-Security IT Audit that will reveal your risk on common security loopholes cyber criminals use on a regular basis to get around firewalls and antivirus software to gain entry to your computer network. Normally we charge for this service, but we’ve decided to give it away to the first 7 lucky businesses who request it.

All you have to do is call our office at (904) 443-6046 or fill out the form on our DPC Technology website.