How to Prevent a Cyber Attack at Your Law Firm

July 25th, 2018
How to Prevent a Cyber Attack at Your Law Firm

Cyber Security Solutions to Protect Your Law Firm

Hackers search for low hanging fruit, specifically easy targets that have significant useful information and lack effective security.

Most small business fall into this target zone. However, Law firms are particularly ripe with highly-sensitive financial data, corporate strategies, trade secrets, business transaction information and plenty of both PIIA (Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment) and PHI (Protected Health Information).

Per an ALM Legal Intelligence study, 22% of law firms did not have an organized plan in place to prepare for or respond to a data breach.

Only 50% of law firms included in the study have cyber security teams in place to handle and implement the types of complex programs and initiatives necessary to deal with a data breach.

This is usually where attorneys’ eyes glaze over and they want to call in their “IT guy” and go back to work.

Not so fast.

Security is a business wide issue, and that means that attorneys, firm management and support personnel need to be involved.

Today’s cyber security environment requires layers of security, and multiple areas of expertise.

Therefore, the model of a Managed Service Providers (MSP) is rapidly overtaking the traditional “IT guy”.

MSP's have staff that has multiple areas of expertise, they design IT product stacks from the ground up around layered security, and they work with your Law Firm as a trusted partner in securing your data.

As a North Florida Managed Service Provider for more than 20 years, DPC Technology protects client data using a layered approach to security. This starts with user education and adds on layers of technology to achieve true management of your IT infrastructure.

The layered approach to security looks like this:

DPC Layered Approach

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