Is it Time to Change Your Phone Provider and Make The Switch to VoIP?

August 27th, 2018
Is it Time to Change Your Phone Provider and Make The Switch to VoIP?
Last year, DPC Technology extended their IT offerings to clients to include a VoIP solution. We felt it was a great fit, as we are typically the ones that will be called out to fix issues if your VoIP phones go down. It makes sense for us to be responsible for everything.


The entire telecom industry is shifting to the VoIP model. Voice over IP, is basically telephones that use the internet instead of traditional phone lines. VoIP offers better pricing, better control, and better flexibility then a traditional phone system.


Our Vice President, Christina Archer traveled to Philadelphia for a conference to learn more about Cloud Based Voice Over IP Phone (VoIP) Systems.
"Among many things we learned at the conference we learned more about integrating better security for your phone systems, which is very important in our vertical dealing with HIPAA compliance. We also learned about the many additional features we could provide our clients with the power of VoIP. Some of these features include auto-attendant, handling after hours calls, cell phone integration and more," Christina shared.


So now you are asking, "Why should I switch to VoIP, or what if I’m already using someone like AT&T, Comcast or Windstream for my phones?"


Well there are some benefits for staying with them and some benefits with doing all your phones with your IT provider (us).


If you are currently using a traditional phone system, we would encourage you to send us your phone bill to compare the pricing with what we can provide. Most of the time you will see a significant savings.


However. price isn’t always the reason for making the change.


If you are currently using VoIP with another company, you may be paying slightly less than what we can provide, but there are some advantages in having your IT provider be your phone provider and you may be missing out. For example, you always know you have a direct line to our service desk if your phones go down.


Typically, if your phones go down with a provider that does not do your IT, you must contact your IT provider anyway. Having them all under the same roof cuts out the middleman and prevents the finger pointing.


The future of business phones is heading towards VoIP, which is exciting. We look forward to learning about more features to come.


The possibilities seem endless with a phone system that is managed over the Internet. We are working to see how VOIP can help us bring the best solutions for our clients to build their practices.


For more information please contact our sales department (904) 443-6046 or get started with your VoIP Assessment on our website.