New Windows 10 Features That You May Not Know About

February 11th, 2020


Almost a month ago, Microsoft ended it’s support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 encouraging users to make the switch to Windows 10. Not only does Windows 10 ensure a supported and secure business, there are also some pretty neat features that make it easier to get work done on your device. Here are the top 5 features we think are the most useful-

  1. Create Events Quickly: Windows 10 now offers a shortcut to add events or reminders to your calendar right from the taskbar. This makes it much easier to quickly put something on your calendar and continue what you are working on. On the taskbar, select the date and time, then enter your details in the text box that says Add an event or reminder.
  2. Snip Tool Shortcut: The snip tool is a feature that Microsoft has always utilized but has greatly improved over time. With the new Windows 10 upgrade there is a snip tool shortcut that makes it significantly more efficient to quickly capture a screenshot of what you are working on. Simply press the Windows logo key+Shift+S
  3. Light or Dark Mode: Spending all day staring at a bright screen can cause strain and discomfort to your eyes. By enabling dark mode on your computer, it can make it much more enjoyable to get work done. To enable light or dark mode, maneuver to Settings > Personalization > Colors. You can choose from light, dark, or custom to change the look of the built-in apps.
  4. Add an Emoji From Your Keyboard: Whether you are joking around with your colleagues in Microsoft Teams or lightening the mood in an email, emoji’s are always a great option. Windows 10 now allows you to easily access emojis by a touch of the keyboard. Simply press the Windows logo key+period (.) to open the emoji panel. You now have access to hundreds of emojis with the click of a button!
  5. Make Your Pointer and Text Larger: If you are having trouble spotting your pointer on your screen or it just keeps getting lost in all the files you have open, there is finally a solution. Windows 10 now allows you to make the pointer bigger and even change it’s color. Just go to Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Cursor & Pointer. You are also able to make the text on your screen larger by going to Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Display then adjust the slider under Make text bigger.

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