Why Your Office NEEDS APC Battery Back-UPS 1500 and Back-UPS 600!

July 21st, 2020

As an IT provider in the Southeast United States, to say that we have bad power is a little bit of an understatement. We get brown outs, we get lightening, we generally just have bad power. The main reason that we require all of our clients to have APCs, is that in this type of environment, we are trying to make sure that the computer stay on. Most of our clients use software that doesn't really like to have the power turned off or a hard stop. If multiple people are writing to the database at the same time, the computer shuts off and it tends to make errors or cause errors in software. Things that make us have to go to backup or, or clean up the database or do other things that we just really don't want to do.  
So our main purpose for having the APC is to give you five or 10 minutes to shut down your computers, get out of your software and make sure everything's closed and saved in an appropriate manner. That being said, APCs are not a device that you should use to run while the power's off. So basically you're not trying to continue working once the power goes off. As soon as the power is cut, you'll hear a beeping sound from your NPC, and that's just a signal to you that you shouldn't begin to shut down your computer. There are use case scenarios where people have ABCs for battery backup to run for an extended period of time.

Check out our video above to see the different APCs that we use and the use case for each one of them.