What benefits do companies get from outsourcing their IT Support Department?

September 21st, 2021
What benefits do companies get from outsourcing their IT Support Department?


If you are a small business owner that is trying to decide if you should hire one IT professional vs. hiring an IT support company, we have put together some reasons that outsourcing your IT department may make sense for you. We are an IT support company or Managed service provider located in Orlando and Jacksonville, FL.

Here are a few core advantages of outsourcing your IT department:

Save time

Many times, we see that instead of outsourcing your IT department, you end up having someone that you hired for other tasks but they end up handling your computer systems.

Reduce Cost

Outsourcing your IT Support will lower labor and operation costs as well as overhead expenses. Outsourcing is therefore more cost-effective. Pricing is flat rate, so you aren't nickel and dimed.

Save on technology and infrastructure

By outsourcing your IT support department, you will not have to incur the infrastructure investment in monitoring software, ticketing systems, etc. It's like hiring a lawn guy that uses his own lawnmower, so you don't need to have one in your garage.


Instead of having one IT professional on your staff, you have a support team of IT professionals supporting your network. This also helps prevent being vulnerable to your one technician getting sick or leaving their position. You have redundancy in the role.

Increased efficiency

Having a team of specialized IT professionals will help with faster troubleshooting and therefore increased efficiency

Reduced Risk

Outsourcing removes risk

Staffing flexibility

You no longer need to hire for big projects. Your IT Support or Managed Service Provider will have staff to cover projects. Now you don't have to worry about hiring for the project and then letting people go if you are overstaffed.

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