Multifactor Authentication is Now Required to Secure Cyber Insurance.

December 17th, 2021
Multifactor Authentication is Now Required to Secure Cyber Insurance.


As we all know cyber-attacks against small businesses have increased over the years. You may have seen headlines of companies that have been extorted with ransomware like the Colonial Pipeline, JBS meat production and Solarwinds. Due to the rise of ransomware losses by insurance carriers they have had to make drastic changes. In the past filling out a cyber insurance application was just answering a few simple questions about your security practices. Because of the increase in attacks, cyber insurance companies now require companies to prove they have taken steps to prevent cyber-attacks. For example, most cyber insurance carriers now require two factor authentication (often called 2FA or MFA) for coverage.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor authentication is a security process that requires you to verify your identity with two or more verification steps before granting access. Usually the options are passwords, QR code or even finger print or voice recognition. When you use MFA you will be notified if someone attempts to login with your credentials and asked to authorize that access. This helps prevent a unauthorized access to your accounts.

DPC Technology uses MFA on all of our accounts to protect our clients but we are also able to set up multifactor authentication for our client’s accounts. If multifactor authentication is offered by any of your vendors, for example your bank or an email provider you should utilize this feature.

If you are a current CompleteCare client and need help setting up MFA on your accounts or need help with your insurance application reach out to us!