Spring Cleaning for your Computers

March 17th, 2022
Spring Cleaning for your Computers

It's that time of the year again when we start our seasonal Spring cleaning for your small business or even at your home office. It’s a good time to clean up our desktop computers and our other technical devices. Here are a few ideas to clean up your digital devices.

Uninstall applications you don’t use

This is good for your phone and for your workstation. Remove any programs that you don’t need anymore by going to “add and remove programs” from the settings menu.

Remove Browser Extensions you don’t need

In Chrome, you can go to settings, extensions and remove any extensions you no longer use.

Clean up your mailbox

I use the stack method to keep my inbox empty most weekdays. Here is a link to a video we did discussing this method.

Dust out your PC

Turn your computer off and move it so that you can get to the back of the tower. Take a can of compressed air and use this to remove the dust and particles from the fan and other areas of the back of the computer.

Clean your dirty keyboard and monitor

Use the same can of air that you used to clean the back of your tower to clean out your keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down your monitor and use cotton swabs if necessary to finish off your mouse and keyboard.

Clean up your taskbar and start menu

It’s a good idea to review what items are on your start menu and taskbar. You may want to remove some items you no longer use and add some that may be more helpful. If you right-click on your task bar at the bottom of your screen and go to settings, then go to “select which icons appear on the taskbar” you will see things you can add or remove from the taskbar.

These are a good start to getting your desktop PC cleaned up for Spring!