Comparison Between the G5 Ultra Turret and G5 Ultra Dome

April 16th, 2024
Comparison Between the G5 Ultra Turret and G5 Ultra Dome

G5 Ultra Turret vs. G5 Ultra Dome

Esthetics and mounting:

The biggest consideration is often how the cameras will look in the space.  Do you want a more discrete install or do you want the cameras to be more obvious?  Are there any tampering considerations?  While both of these cameras are very small compared to the competition, the Ultra Dome is more discreet and with the G5 Dome Ultra Flush Mount Adapter (shown below) it can even be more inconspicuous.  By design the Domes add an extra level of tamper-resistance by putting the actual camera behind a piece of clear plastic.  This makes physically moving the camera (pan and tilt) impossible without a key to remove the dome.

The G5 Ultra Turret it a great mounting solution for both indoors and outdoors, the way the unit pans and tilts it gives you a true 360 degrees of rotation and tilts between ~10 and 90 degrees from horizontal. This versatility and its weather proofing make it the clear winner for outdoor use (the Ultra Dome is not weather proof).

Security camera



Our evaluation takes place in a controlled environment, focusing on the performance of the G5 Ultra-Turret and the G5 Ultra-Dome in both normal and low-light conditions. We examine factors such as image clarity, noise reduction, and infrared emitter strength to determine their suitability for typical surveillance applications.

Comparative Analysis: The G5 Ultra-Turret impresses with its compact form factor and exceptional image quality. Equipped with advanced infrared emitters, it delivers clear and detailed images even in dimly lit environments. The absence of haze or casting enhances its performance, making it a preferred choice for indoor surveillance.

On the other hand, the G5 Ultra-Dome offers a nice rendition, but falls slightly short when compared to the Turret. It performs comparably with previous G4 and G5 Domes and the G5 Flex However, The Dome's build quality and overall performance still make it a viable option for nighttime surveillance, albeit with some limitations.  The trick with the dome cameras is to make sure the plastic cover is cleaned thoroughly and is seated properly during installation.  If done correctly the Domes should have a similar image to the turret.

Key Findings:

  1. Image Clarity: The G5 Ultra-Turret outperforms the Dome, providing sharper and more detailed images without any noticeable haze or casting effects. Optically, adding a plastic cover for the dome will always add some level of glare/ghosting.  While minimal it is a trade off between esthetics, physical security and image quality.
  2. Infrared Emitter Strength: Both cameras feature robust infrared emitters, but the Turret's emitter strength stands out, effectively illuminating distant objects with clarity.
  3. Form Factor: The Turret's compact design makes it an ideal choice for discreet outdoor surveillance.  It also provides a lot of flexibility with its mounting system to fit almost anywhere.  The dome is the clear winner if you are looking for a sleek discreet installation.  The optional flush mount is going to make this a popular choice in areas where surveillance is needed but big, bulky cameras are not ideal.

After a comprehensive evaluation, the G5 Ultra-Turret emerges as the clear winner in our nighttime surveillance comparison. Its superior image quality, coupled with efficient noise reduction and infrared emitter strength, positions it as an excellent choice for indoor security applications. The G5 Ultra-Dome holds its own and will be really popular with interior designers who would have used the traditional Unifi Domes.  At DPC Technology we do a lot of installations in Dentists, Doctor and other Professional offices, the G5 Dome Ultra is going to be our main go-to camera.

These are two wonderful new cameras to the Unifi ecosystem and I have a feeling they are going to have trouble keeping them in stock.  I love how they have made the incredibly compact and of course adding a Turret to the lineup has been long overdue.  If you cant find them in stock watch my video HERE to be notified when they are in stock.

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Stay tuned for future updates and outdoor comparisons as we continue to explore the capabilities of these innovative security cameras. For more detailed specifications and insights, refer to our upcoming blog articles.

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