Avoid Being Taken After The Storm

How much would losing a couple days production cost you?

Can’t afford to be down for days? Then take heed to these 4 easy (but critical!) steps to make sure you never have to experience extended downtime, data loss or corruption

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4 Critical Things That You MUST Have In Place Now To Guarantee That Your Practice Could Be Back Up And Running Fast In The Event Of A Data-Erasing Disaster

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    Keep an on-site AND off-site copy of your data. You never want to rely solely on an on-site backup. If a fire, flood, natural disaster or burglary happens, you’re out of luck. Plus, it’s smart to have a backup of your backup – especially when it comes to your business’s data!
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    Is your data being backed up every 15 minutes? Loss of even ½ days of data would result in hours of data re-entry as well as months of double booked patient appointment slots.
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    Image your server and critical workstations. Imaging your server and workstations is similar to taking a “snapshot” or “picture” of your hard drive. Not only does it make a copy of the information (data) that is stored on them, but it also makes a copy of all the soft - ware programs, personal settings, favorites, desktop icons, network settings, printer configurations and EVERYTHING exactly as it is in your current computer. This will enable you to be back up and running in 90 minutes versus days because rebuilding a server that has crashed, burned or been otherwise incapacitated takes time.
  • icon_can_verify_working
    Can you verify a working copy of your data?

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