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Responsive IT Support for Dentists

As the dental industry continues to evolve, dental care providers rely on seamless technology to simplify work processes, improve performance and ensure the highest level of patient care as well as remain HIPAA compliant.

Give your patient the care they deserve through technology designed to ease your day-to-day operations.


Featured Client Testimonial:

“We have confidence that people on the DPC team either already know how to solve a problem or they are working hard to find a solution. We feel DPC is better than other IT companies because they are proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means working ahead of a problem before it happens and less downtime fixing something that already happened. In today’s culture, your IT firm must be prepared for all that the world is throwing at your practice. You cannot rely on your own dental team and/or small IT firm to be able to keep up with the full time job of keeping your data safe and your equipment running smoothly.”

– Dr. Niles A. Syska
DDS, The Tooth Shop on 46

Dentists Trust DPC Technology:

  • Our technicians troubleshoot dental practice management software day-in and day-out efficiently solving problems and getting you back up and running quickly.
  • We provide Complimentary HIPAA Audits and quarterly business reviews for Complete Care clients helping you stay ahead of compliance issues and plan for your next upgrade.
  • Safe and secure information access to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  • We have a complete line of services specifically designed for dental practices.
  • We have a proven track record of helping dental offices including small practices and those with multiple offices.
  • We’re only a phone call away.