Dr. Niles A. Syska

Dr. Niles A. Syska

We have confidence that people on the DPC team either already know how to solve a problem or they are working hard to find a solution. We feel DPC is better than other IT companies because they are proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means working ahead of a problem before it happens and less downtime fixing something that already happened.

Dr. Bouchelle

Dr. Bouchelle

Complete Care takes the pressure of having to fix IT related issues off the business owner (or doctor), so that he is able to put his focus on his patients and see more client, rather than working on IT related issues. DPC Technology is the only company I have used for IT support and managed services.

Dr. David W. Howington

Dr. David W. Howington

The biggest benefit to me and my practice since moving to Complete Care has been the ease of repair and DPC’s ability to fix any problem. Compared to other IT firms we have worked with in the past, DPC gives our office peace of mind about HIPAA and Cyber Protection.

Philip L. Hooton

DPC Technology has given our office great advice, excellent service and all inclusive guidance in our digital radiography and computer networking.

David R. Olinzock

When DPC Technology comes to the office, it is like having a visit with a friend who is a wiz at computers. They are experts at dental systems and quickly solving associated problems. I enjoy our relationship.

James L. Schumacher

DPC Technology has been a great help to our practice. Their service is great and you can always count on them to give good, reliable recommendations to improve the technology in the office.

Greg T. Russell

DPC Technology is great to work with. Always tries to accommodate our schedule. Also has a great group of employees to work with. High recommendation from this office.

Robert E. Karol

Every time we call DPC Technology with a computer problem, they do whatever it takes to correct it. They are very competent and trustworthy.

Dr. Ron Levin

I have worked with DPC Technology through several upgrades and have never been disappointed. The staff is very courteous, professional and efficient.