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If your business falls victim to a cybercrime attack compromising client or patient data, the consequences are more significant than you might imagine. Federal and state laws, require you to inform your clients and/or patients that their information has been exposed to cybercriminals. Subsequently, you will undergo investigation and scrutiny regarding the measures you took to prevent such an incident. Inadequate answers can lead to liability, substantial fines, and lawsuits, even if you relied on an outsourced IT support company for protection.

This situation can provide ample ammunition for your competitors to exploit. Clients will be furious and likely abandon your business in large numbers. Employee morale will plummet, and you will be held accountable for the repercussions. It is crucial to understand that your bank is not obligated to reimburse funds stolen due to cybercrime, and unless you possess a specific insurance policy, financial losses will not be covered.

Underestimating the gravity and likelihood of these threats is ill-advised. It is unsafe to assume that your IT company or individual is fulfilling all the necessary security measures to safeguard your business. In fact, there is a high probability that they are not, which we can prove with your permission.

To ensure your preparedness against cybercriminals and determine if you are vulnerable or equipped to recover swiftly and seamlessly, we offer a complimentary and confidential Cybersecurity Risk Assessment. Discover the facts by claiming your free assessment today!

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