Are You Extremely Worried About Your Business Surviving a Cyber Attack Right Now?

If So, We’ll do a FREE Cyber Security Audit to make sure you are safe

From The Desk of: Clay Archer

CEO, DPC Technology

Dear Colleague,

There is a legend surrounding the enclosed doll among the Indian villages of Guatemala. If you have a problem, all you have to do is tell it to this doll, place the doll under your pillow before you go to bed, and the doll will take your worries away while you sleep.

Wouldn’t it be great if that was true? Unfortunately, we know it’s not!

So why have I sent you a worry doll? Actually, there are 2 reasons…

  • I want to offer you free IT Cyber Assessment for your business, and I wanted to make sure this letter would catch your attention.
  • Since this will (hopefully) erase ONE worry you have right now, I thought using this “worry doll” was an appropriate eye-catcher.

In case you are unfamiliar with me, my name is Clay Archer, CEO of DPC Technology. We specialize in helping companies in Florida and Georgia and South Carolina with full outsourced IT support and co-managed IT services

We’d like to give you an IT Cyber Security Audit for your business – for free. Here are some more details…

  • Diagnose slowness, problems, or concerns you may have with your computer network and explain in plain English what your options are for resolving them quickly and inexpensively.
  • Verify your data backups are working (Note: Tape drives have an average failure rate of 100%; don’t wait for a crisis before you discover yours weren’t working!)
  • Look for hidden viruses, spyware, and security loopholes that could allow hackers and viruses to invade your network, corrupt your data and bring your system down.
  • Review your server logs to uncover developing problems and conflicts that will turn into unexpected down-time.
  • Answer your questions about upgrades, adding new equipment, remote access, or any other project you have in mind.

Because everyone’s situation is different, I’d like to suggest we get on a quick call to discuss your specific situation and needs. From there I can give you more details on how (if?) we can help you and answer your questions.

P.S. I’ve enclosed a short list of comments from clients we work with just so you know we are NOT a fly-by-night scam artist trying to pull a fast one. Please feel free to contact any of these business owners and ask them directly about our integrity and sincerity.

IT Cyber image

I’m sure you’re asking why we would give this away for free.
There must be a hidden agenda, right? Truly, there is none other to help.

The only “catch” is that we can’t offer this to EVERY business in Florida and Georgia and South Carolina, so we’re writing to a small, select group of businesses we know or have been introduced to sometime in the past (hence the letter).

If you do NOT want this free auidit, please let us know so we can make it available to another business owner who does need it. I will follow up within the next couple of days to see if you received this letter, and whether or not you’d like our assistance right now or not.

Everyone at DPC is EXTREMELY patient, professional, and friendly.

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Dr. Brandon Alegre

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Susan Prater

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