February 28th, 2011

There are several benefits to having an internal security camera system in your office.  Of course they help with theft prevention and prosecution of burglary and/or misuse of controlled substances.  Security cameras also give you the ability to follow not only your staff’s location, but also your patients’.  This really helps with work flow and being aware of people waiting or in need of assistance.  They are especially beneficial in larger offices where the doctor may not realize that a room is ready, or a patient/staff member is waiting. 

These systems consist of cameras placed throughout the office.  Depending on the layout,
you may have them in operatories or in halls and some offices also included exterior cameras for the parking lot and/or the front/back door.  These cameras are wired to a central computer that records all the video to a hard drive.  This computer is accessible through the Internet so you can monitor the office when you are not there.  There is software that you can load on any computers in your office so that you can view the camera images from any station. 

Wiring requirements usually necessitate a power supply and cable runs to the cameras.  There are wireless systems available but an electrician will have to provide power to each location.  We recommend you always consult a certified installer to assure your installation will meet code. 

Published with permission from Dental PC Source.

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