Windows XP Questions & Answers

March 4th, 2014

Why do I need to update my Windows XP Machines?

We recommend new Machines if you are running XP. Typically XP is utilised on older machines and the upgrade requires:

  • New Software
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Installation fees to reconfigure existing machine with Windows 7

 Over the long term any cost savings experienced with upgrading an existing machine will be nominal in comparison to the Value & Performance of a new machine.

What happens if I don’t update XP?

If you do not update your XP to Windows 7 you will not be HIPAA Compliant. After April 8 there will be no new Security Patches and Updates for XP making it vulnerable to Hackers. After April 8th and beyond your systems will be vulnerable even if you are only running 1 XP machine in your office.

HIPAA states that you must Maintain Security Patches to your Practices Operating System to protect Patients Private data.

I’ll just wait for Windows 8...

We recommend Windows 7 as Windows 8 is in its infancy. Windows 7 will be supported for the lifespan of a new system. Currently Windows 8 is not compatible with many Practice Management Programs.

What if I only have one XP Machine?

Having only one machine will still compromise all your machines as it enables Hackers to access your entire Network.

What if I don't replace my XP before the April 8th end of support date?

Your machine will still be functional after April 8th but after this date we will recommend that you unplug that machine from your Network and we replace with a new machine as your risk for security breaches will increase exponentially - the longer you wait to perform the necessary upgrades.

What is the impact of XP on support for other Vendors? (i.e.: Eaglesoft, Dentrix, etc.)

Your Practice Management software vendor has the right to refuse support on an XP System after April 8th. New Hardware & Software from other vendors will not be tested on XP creating unforeseen problems and leading to longer and more difficult troubleshooting.

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