A Catastrophe in your Practice can happen. Here’s how we helped Krantz Dental Care overcome 4″ of water damage to their office.

March 11th, 2015

Recently Krantz Dental Care had 4 inches of water damage in their office from a broken water pipe in the ceiling. They were devastated by the damage to their office as well as worried about their ability to get everything back up and running quickly to see patients.

We got the call at 6:00 am on a Monday morning after the leak was detected and had our technician’s on-site by 7:00 am to assess the damage and do whatever we could to protect their network from further damage. Our plan of action was to protect the data, replace the PC’s as quickly as possible, and be on call to ensure everything was running smoothly.

#1 Protect the Data

Protecting our client’s data and technology investments is our #1 priority. We immediately inventoried the damage to their practice. Many computers and battery backups had been damaged by the standing water.

Within the first 2 hours of our assessment, we had two computers and the server up and running. The office was able to access to their schedule and contact patients to reschedule.

#2 Replace the affected PC's and setup to operate as if the disaster never happened

Within 72 hours, we replaced all of the water logged PCs, and restored all of the data, programs and icons exactly as they existed before the disaster. As a measure of prevention, we mounted all computers to cabinets, at least 18 inches off the floor.

#3 Be on Call
After the replacement of the PC’s and the data, we ensured their office that we would be on call for them and to contact us if there were any glitches or issues with the transfer so there would be no additional downtime.

Because Krantz Dental Care was on our Complete Care Program with unlimited support and backup they didn’t have to worry about a huge service bill to get them back up and running.

We highly recommend you have a disaster plan in place which includes an onsite and offsite HIPAA compliant backup and a team of reliable technicians that can be available onsite in a moment’s notice with the proper resources if a disaster strikes!