Tech Tips and Tricks from Dental PC: 5 Tips to Avoid Getting a Virus!

May 16th, 2016

Dental PCs very own Chris Cayll provided these tips and tricks to help avoid getting viruses!

5 Tips on How to Avoid Getting a Virus

  1. Try to Avoid Clicking on Random Ads and Links
    • There are many forms of click bait banner ads and popups that are specifically designed to grab your attention and push you to click.  Since browsers are more protected then they used to be, the main way to get your computer infected is if you click and open that portal.
  2. Don't Be Fooled by the Popups
    • Some of the most successful popups on the internet are implemented and designed to copy the users anti-virus interface.  The goal of these popups is to trick the user into thinking they have a virus, and the second you click on the popup the adware is installed.
  3. Use a Modern Browser
    • Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape are outdated and could leave you exposed to more security risks.  Try using an updated browser such as Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.
  4. Keep your Cache Cleared
    • When you browse websites there is information stored in your browser's cache, and this is the same with popups.  If you don't clear your cache, the information remains, allowing for the popup to continuously reappear.
  5. Avoid Going to Sites You Shouldn't Be Going To
    • Since viruses are illegal, the best way for them to thrive is through illegal websites.  Sites that let you download copyrighted material and sites where you can file share with unknown sources is the quickest way to find yourself with a virus.  It will be a lot easier to avoid infection if you take necessary protocol and only download content from trusted providers.

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