Dental PC Provides IT for Florida Mission of Mercy

May 16th, 2016
Dental PC Provides IT for Florida Mission of Mercy

This year DentalPC was privileged to be chosen as the IT provider for the Florida Mission of Mercy (MOM) being held in our home base of Jacksonville Florida.   The planning for the event began over a year ago and we were all blown away with what a success the event turned out to be.  We have been meeting monthly for the past year at our Technology center and ironing out all the details from raising funds, to getting volunteers, to the actual setup for the workflow of providing dental treatment to 3,000 patients in 2 days.  This was a great feat but we were lucky to have a great team of dedicated volunteers to ensure we would hit our goal.

Keep in mind this wasn’t the first Mission of Mercy, but it was the first MOM event held in Jacksonville, FL and it was the first one that DentalPC has helped set up.  Of course, we all wanted this event to be bigger and better than the previous events and were lucky to have the past events to look back on and learn from.  Our first big hairy audacious goal was to setup 87 computers at the Prime Osborn convention center in order to efficiently check-in patients, take digital x-rays of patients, assign patients to proper treatment, check patients out, and scan a copy of their charts into the system.  We were very grateful for the computer equipment that was donated for the event from some of our wonderful clients!

Here is a quick rundown of the technology we used at the MOM:


  • 87 workstations and monitors
  • 2 server
  • 9 Panorex machines
  • 14 Schick 33 intra-oral x-ray computers/sensors
  • 7 scanners
  • 6 Printers
  • Cat5e Cable runs to 85 workstations and PANs




Day 1.

After many hours of running cables and setting up machines at temporary workstations, we were set and ready to check-in our first patient Thursday afternoon.  Once we got the cobwebs off and greased the wheel, we were on a roll!  We got all the pre-process patients checked in for day one and were able to track our progress in the software to see how many patients were coming back the next day for treatment.


Day 2.

Patients came in bright and early (6:00 am) and went straight to treatment were our volunteer Dentists were lined up.  Once patients were seen they checked out at one of the computers and let everyone know how grateful they were and how awesome their treatment was!  Once completed they headed to Pharmacy if needed and then off to Exit where their charts were scanned in and they were able to leave or get back in line for more treatment if needed.

Meanwhile, the next round of patients was checked in and triaged for another round of treatment.  At this point, we were really on a roll and could see our goal in sight!


Day 3.

Another full day of patients and then tear down. (And a beer)

What a great experience this was for our team and all of our friends and colleagues we got to share it with!