UniFi Protect: Choosing the Right NVR for Your Business

June 25th, 2024
UniFi Protect: Choosing the Right NVR for Your Business

We're excited to share our latest YouTube video, where we dive deep into the world of UniFi Protect and help you decide which NVR (Network Video Recorder) is right for your business. In this comprehensive guide, we compare all the different UniFi Protect products and their capabilities, providing you with the insights you need to make an informed decision.

Video Overview

In our latest video, we cover the following key points:

1. Introduction to UniFi Protect
- Brief overview of UniFi Protect as a security camera system.
- The importance of choosing the right NVR for your specific needs.

2. Comparison of Different UniFi NVR Products
- Detailed comparison of various UniFi NVR units, including UniFi Pro, Pro Max, Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus, UNVR, UNVR Pro, UDM Pro, UDM Pro Max, Dream Wall, and Dream Router.
- Explanation of how each unit differs in terms of features, performance, and capacity.

3. Three-Step Process to Designing a Protect System
- Step-by-step guide on how to design a UniFi Protect system.
- Using Design Center to determine the number and placement of cameras.
- Checking the camera capacity of each unit to ensure it meets your needs.
- Utilizing the capacity calculator to dynamically assess each unit's performance.

4. Use Case Scenarios
- Practical examples of different scenarios and which NVR unit is best suited for each.
- Considerations for small businesses, homes, and larger commercial environments.

Key Takeaways

Step 1: Using Design Center
Design Center is a powerful tool that allows you to import floor plans and map out your camera placements. This helps you visualize coverage areas and ensure you have the right number of cameras in optimal positions. We've created a dedicated video on Design Center, which you can find linked in the video description.

Step 2: Camera Capacity
Understanding the camera capacity of each UniFi NVR unit is crucial. Our video breaks down the supported camera limits for each device, helping you match your design needs with the appropriate NVR. Whether you're using AI Pro cameras, 4K, 2K, or HD cameras, we provide clear guidelines on what each unit can handle.

Step 3: Capacity Calculator
The capacity calculator is a valuable resource for assessing the performance of your NVR. It allows you to see how many devices and applications (such as Protect, Talk, and Access) can run simultaneously on each unit. This tool ensures that your chosen NVR can handle your current and future needs without compromising performance.

Detailed Product Comparisons

We cover each NVR product in detail, highlighting their strengths and ideal use cases:

- UniFi Dream Router (UDR): Best for small setups with minimal cameras. Ideal for basic home security with up to four or five cameras.
- UniFi Dream Wall (UDW): Suitable for comprehensive home setups with more capacity than UDR. Can handle up to 12 HD cameras.
- Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus: A robust option for small businesses, offering up to 24 HD cameras with expandable storage.
- UDM Pro and UDM Pro SE: Great for medium-sized businesses, balancing performance and cost with support for up to 14 2K cameras.
- UDM Pro Max: The powerhouse of the range, capable of handling up to 50 HD cameras, perfect for larger commercial environments.
- UNVR and UNVR Pro: High-capacity units with support for stacking, offering extensive storage and scalability for large setups.


Choosing the right NVR for your UniFi Protect system is essential for ensuring reliable and efficient security camera performance. Our video provides a thorough comparison of all the available options, guiding you through the process of designing and implementing a system that meets your specific needs.

Watch our YouTube video now to get a detailed look at each UniFi NVR product and learn how to build the perfect security camera system for your business. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment if you found the video helpful!

For more information, visit our YouTube channel and check out our other videos and resources. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help you secure your business with the best UniFi Protect solutions.

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