How to Find Out-of-Stock UniFi Products: Tips and Tricks

July 5th, 2024
How to Find Out-of-Stock UniFi Products: Tips and Tricks

If you’ve ever tried to get your hands on a hot new UniFi product, you know how quickly they can go out of stock. Fortunately, I have a few tried-and-true methods to help you track and purchase these products as soon as they become available. These tips have been especially useful during and after the pandemic, when stock issues have been a common challenge. Here are my go-to tricks for finding out-of-stock UniFi products:

1. UniFi Stock Notifications
The first and most straightforward method is to use the built-in notification feature on Here's how:

- Log In: First, log into your UniFi account on
- Notify Me: Navigate to the product page of the item you want and click on "Notify me when available." This will set up an email alert to notify you as soon as the product is back in stock.

While this method is reliable, there’s a downside: the notifications might not come through immediately, and popular items can sell out again before you even get the email.

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2. Avoid Third-Party Resellers
As a rule, I avoid buying from third-party resellers like Amazon or eBay. These platforms often feature products that are marked up significantly and may even be grey market items. Additionally, eBay has become increasingly unreliable for me, and Amazon rarely has the specific UniFi products I’m looking for.

3. Distribution Partners
If you're a professional or have a business, you can consider using distribution channels. These are larger warehouses that stock UniFi products and sell them to registered vendors. For example, I use ADI in Jacksonville, Florida. Here’s why this is a useful option:

- Local Stock: ADI often has local stock, which means I can pick up items quickly.
- Broader Availability: They may have items in stock that aren’t available on the UniFi store.

However, this method isn’t accessible to everyone, as it typically requires a business license and tax ID.

4. Discord Stock Alerts
One of the best free methods I’ve found is using the “Ubiquiti Stock Alerts” Discord server. This server provides real-time stock alerts, and here’s why it’s great:

- Instant Updates: You get immediate notifications when products come back in stock.
- Quantity Info: The server often shows the quantity of items that are available, so you can gauge how quickly you need to act.

To get started, join the Discord server and set up alerts for the products you're interested in. This way, you’ll get a notification on your computer or phone as soon as the stock updates.

Click here to join the Discord!

5. UI Notify by Crosstalk Solutions
Finally, my top recommendation is using the UI Notify service by Chris at Crosstalk Solutions. This is a paid service, but it’s incredibly effective. Here’s how it works:

- Personalized Alerts: For $5 a month, you can set up personalized alerts for specific products.
- SMS Notifications: Unlike email, SMS notifications ensure that you receive alerts immediately on your phone, making it easier to act quickly.

The paid version allows you to select specific products for notifications, making it a powerful tool if you’re looking for something very specific and want to avoid the noise of less relevant alerts.

Those are my main methods for finding out-of-stock UniFi products. For my workflow, the $4.99 a month for UI Notify is well worth the investment, especially for the peace of mind and the quick SMS notifications. However, if you’re looking for a free option, the Discord server is almost as good and can be set up to give you similar real-time alerts.

Have you used any of these methods? Do you have any other strategies for finding out-of-stock products? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below! And as always, please like and subscribe for more helpful content.

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