First Potential Threat Identified for those still running XP

A security hole has been identified in Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9,10, and 11 and Microsoft has confirmed it will not issue a fix for Web Browsers running on Windows XP who’s support officially ended on April 8th.

Hackers are using this bug to take control of your computer and access personal data which can happen when a User unknowingly visits a malicious website with an affected browser or is prompted by an email message or Instant Message with a link that takes Users to the attacker’s website.

Upcoming JDS Golf Tournament – April 11th

Dental PC will be participating in the Jacksonville Dental Society Golf Tournament again this year on April 11th at St. John Golf & Country Club.

Our Field Engineer David Schmutz will be showcasing his golf skills & hopefully bring home another win! It should be a great event and we hope to see you there.

Protect your Office with Content Filtering

A high end firewall with content filtering will allow you to limit your staff’s internet usage. These devices physically block your computers from communicating with malicious computers/sites. The firewall content filtering subscription will update its malicious website definitions in real time and will not allow your computers to visit these sites. It will also allow you to block potential time wasters such as social networking and shopping websites. It is our observation that many staff members waste untold hours each year on social networking, shopping and other personal web sites. Not only is this a waste of resources it puts your computers and data at risk. You will be able to block websites by category and specific sites. A nice firewall also lets you choose which computers are monitored.

Spring Cleaning

As we are finalising the replacement of all of our legacy XP machines and 2003 servers, it is a good time to take a few minutes and do a little spring cleaning. One of the important aspects of the new HIPAA Omnibus rule is that we maintain proper user rights and security settings.

Windows XP Questions & Answers

Why do I need to update my Windows XP Machines?
We recommend new Machines if you are running XP. Typically XP is utilised on older machines and the upgrade requires:

New Software
Hardware Upgrades
Installation fees to reconfigure existing machine with Windows 7

 Over the long term any cost savings experienced with upgrading an existing machine will be nominal in comparison to the Value & Performance of a new machine.

Music in your Office

DentalPC has implemented a wide variety of technical solutions over the years:

A simple FM radio receiver tuned to a local station. These can be problematic with getting a clean signal, and then there are commercials to deal with.
A CD changer was a popular option for many years.

RIP XP – April 8, 2014. Are you ready?

April 8, 2014. Businesses who are still running Windows XP on their systems need to mark this date, and circle it several times with a big red pen. If you’re wondering why then this is because that’s the date Microsoft is pulling support for XP. What this means for your business is a potentially increased security risks, no more support and ultimately the possibility of increased IT costs.

Telephone System

A lot has changed in the world of telephones. The days of a simple hard wired phone at your office location are long gone. With today’s newer phone systems, your phones can be anywhere and ring anyone. Your messages can be forwarded to email, text, or cell phone voicemail boxes.



Many business owners are unaware that the acquisition of equipment under a $1 purchase option lease or equipment finance agreement (EFA) qualifies for the tax break provided under Section 179 of the internal revenue Code.