Picking a Domain Name

July 21st, 2010

When deciding to go ahead and get a website designed for your practice, one of the big decisions is your domain name. Basically this is your address on the web such as www.firstcoastsmiles.com. This can be difficult to decide on because many names are already taken, and you have to get creative. Here are some good guidelines to follow.

1. Make it short. You want the domain name to be easy to spell and easy to remember so if you tell someone to visit the site, they can remember it easily.

2. Use a .com. The other extensions like .net or .us are really not popular, so you may end up telling someone to go to your site www.firstcoastsmiles.net, and then they end up typing in www.firstcoastsmiles.com instead and go to a totally different site. Stick with .com as much as possible.

3. Don't use punctuation. I have also had clients try to cheat the system by adding a "-" like www.first-coast-smiles.com so they can get the .com name. This is really not a great idea because the dashes also make it hard to remember to tell someone. Most likely they will end up at the wrong site.

So basically, keep it simple. Stick with .com and use a short simple name with no punctuation and you should be good...Now get creative!!

Published with permission from Dental PC

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