Hurricane Season Is Just Around the Corner – Are You Prepared?

May 16th, 2016

Storms are unpredictable and their impact can devastate not only the landscape but also your Practice. Failing to have a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR) in place can be costly. Hours or days of lost production and unrecoverable data can cause irreversible damage to your Practice.

Good News: We’re giving away a Free Network Audit to assess your BDR Plan and ensure you have the proper disaster recovery backup in place.


  • Backup of your entire server — all practice management data, digital images, documents, operating system, and applications that you use daily to run your practice
  • Secure offsite storage of data
  • Frequent backups (every hour)
  • Virtual Temporary Backup Server function
  • Disaster recovery that minimizes downtime and loss of productivity

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